How we run an event

So that everything fits together

We bring

Experience, creativity and all the technical resources currently available to create training sessions with their own style.

We are different

UWe have a committed, ambitious multidisciplinary team, attention to detail and strictly comply with our industry’s codes of practice.

You can rest assured

From the development of the scientific programme and processing of scientific endorsements to the launch of the event and speaker liaison, at Mayo PCO we take care of the whole event.

A full range of options

Not all audiences are the same, and not all events have the same goals or needs, which is why we offer different options for each occasion.

Product launch and presentation

Scientific courses and seminars

Forums and Debates

Practical workshops


Scientific society conferences

Speaker training

Symposia at scientific conferences

With multimedia support

Because today, any means of disseminating and projecting your event requires the use of information technology. We include the most appropriate multimedia resources at all our events.

Events with real-time streaming

Events with real-time streaming
As not everyone can always make it to the event, we stream the event to registered users for maximum outreach.

Multi-venue events with video connection

Multimedia-supported dynamics
Because we want to connect outside our area and for different venues to be able to interact.

Multimedia-supported dynamics

Multimedia-supported dynamics
iPad gaming, 59 seconds, mobile interaction, event app... because we want to engage your audience.