Since 1992 we have been designing continuous training schemes for healthcare professionals with the Mayo quality seal.
We contribute to the updating of knowledge and skills of the different collectives working in the healthcare sector: doctors, nursing staff, pharmacists, midwives, physiotherapists... and veterinary professionals.

Online training

In 2001, Mayo launched its first online course, and in 2006, we created our own online training platform: Aula Mayo. Since then, we have been offering online training for all audiences in our sector, from healthcare professionals to pharmaceutical laboratory staff.

Classroom-based training

Our classroom-based workshops and training schemes need to be adapted to their target audience, as well to their training goals. For this reason, at Mayo we work with different formats in order to find the one that best suits the training requirements in question.

Large format

Large format
Master classes, training for speakers and trainers, or large groups in a number of rooms. These are ambitious training programs in which every little detail counts.

Small format

Small format
We coordinate workshops, coffee sessions with experts, round table discussions..., formats better suited to small groups and/or practical and dynamic content.


We include multimedia dynamics or formats in our classroom training; both for remote streaming and interaction (multi-venue broadcasting or for registered users), as well as interactive dynamics with gamification tablet or on the spot voting.

Specific programs

As well as creating courses with expert authors from different medical fields (part of our National Health System or otherwise), we also run premium training programs, with identification and quality seals from different institutions.

Development of our scientific program

Our scientific team, with wide experience in working with national and international speakers in different specialities, takes part in the design and development of our training programs to suit healthcare professionals. We work with experts in different fields, but also with trainers in transversal skills for healthcare: communication, leadership, management, scientific writing…


We take care of organisation and liaison with trainers, tutors and attendees for training, both nationally and internationally.


Our creative team works with trainers on dynamism and gamification for classroom-based training.


Our logistics team takes care of all organisational details, both for small scale training and for large courses with students participating simultaneously from a number of venues.

Accredited training

We run training programs that are accredited by our National Health System. Since 2006 we have also run accredited activities for nursing staff and midwives through the General Nursing Council. We offer training with European Accreditation (ECTS). Mayo is a member of GAME (Global Alliance for Medical Education), the international organisation dedicated to progress and research in continuous medical training.

Dissemination of training events

Specific publication to different healthcare professionals that enable us to ensure publicity for the training courses we are promoting. We offer space in our headers for promotion and information on our courses for customers requiring support in publicising the event.

With 25,000 general practitioners registered for the digital version, and 10,000 subscribers to the print version.

Distributed to 20,500 pharmacies in print format, and 12,600 pharmacists in its online version.

Distributed to 6,000 paediatricians.

Present in the majority of Spanish hospitals.

Distributed to 6,000 midwives.