Our investment in the development of our own multimedia department means that we can offer a wide range of in-house digital and multimedia production services with Mayo healthcare content.

Web development

Web development is a cornerstone of our activity. We look for different solutions depending on the goals of the project; training, communication or more scientific and innovative projects.

New channels

Video is essential in order to cover the increasing demand for audiovisual content, both for training and for promotion of either a professional scientific nature o for dissemination purposes.

TV webs

TV webs
We create short video clips in series format or video collections for TV sections on scientific websites.

Live broadcasting

Live broadcasting
Multi-venue streaming for meetings and training events and/or for registered users, and webinars for our training course are fundamental multimedia tools.

On demand video

On demand video
We offer a wide range of video productions for our multimedia projects: educational videos, promotional videos, videos on mechanisms of action, illustrations, author-narrated, etc.

App development

We develop applications to offer services and content directly to mobile devices, in a fast and simple way, creating a unique sense of proximity to the user.

Multimedia Content

Creating high quality content on an ongoing basis and at a reasonable cost requires remarkable skills and planning. For this reason, we provide our clients with special teams for copy writing, scripts, audiovisual and multimedia production, as well as all the technical resources and infrastructure they need for development.


Gamification is fast becoming a widespread tool in the Healthcare Sector, both for involving patients and increasing their adherence to treatment, and for managing chronic illnesses or rehabilitation processes.

Digital Marketing

We keep our client’s goals in our sights when it comes to defining digital strategy and the conceptualisation of the most suitable digital activity. We do this with the help of our own experts in strategic definition and analysis and KPI, but also in the running and management of the digital marketing plan.